Professor Lawrence Kohan’s is the clinical director of the Joint Orthopaedic Centre and is one of Australia’s most experienced hip and knee surgeons. He has 35+ years of experience in the diagnosis and management of osteoarthritis and has performed over 9,000+ hip and knee replacement operations.

The Joint Orthopaedic Centre

Using the latest minimally invasive techniques, the team at the Joint Orthopaedic Centre has been helping return patients to their active lifestyles since 1985.

Based in Bondi Junction in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, we also consult in Leichhardt to allow for easier access for patients in western Sydney.

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Professor Lawrence Kohan

Professor Lawrence Kohan is an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in Joint Replacement procedures of the Hip & Knee.

He is actively involved in training and education and is committed to ongoing medical research to facilitate the best recovery and outcome for his patients

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A painful, stiff hip can keep you from doing the simple things in life, even walking without pain.

Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing are safe, reliable procedures that can relieve your pain and stiffness and return you to most of the activities you enjoy.

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It’s easy to take your knees for granted. But a painful, stiff knee can keep you from doing the simple things in life, even walking without pain.

Total or Partial Knee Resurfacing procedures can help return you to an active lifestyle.

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